12 Signs You’re in the First Trimester

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12 Signs You're In the First TrimesterI will never understand those women who go months and months without knowing they’re pregnant. 

For me (and most other women) my body begins changing almost immediately, making it plainly obvious there’s a little one beginning to grow inside me. Most of those changes might not be apparent to those on the outside, but I sure can feel them!

 In case there’s any doubt, here are some signs that your uterus is officially inhabited.

12 Signs You’re in the First Trimester

1. You’re totally useless by 3pm, and fast asleep by 8pm.

2. You spend a whole lot more time in the bathroom—hugging the porcelain throne—and a whole lot less time in the kitchen, where there are many smells that will send you straight back to the bathroom.

3. You analyze and overanalyze every little cramp that you feel.

4. Your boobs have inflated faster than you can say “balloon”—and they hurt.

5. You know exactly how many milligrams of caffeine are in your morning java.

6. You think nothing of eating yellow mustard straight from the bottle—yummmmmmm.

7. Your mouth tastes like you just ate a roll of pennies.

8. You actually look pregnant! Oh wait, that’s just because you’re so bloated. (Bonus: You start referring to your belly as a “blump.”)

9. You can’t brush your teeth without gagging.

10. Your dreams go from slightly strange to seriously wacky—and incredibly vivid. You go to sleep wondering what kind of wild ride you’re in for that night. 

11. Just when you thought you were finished peeing, look at that, you have to pee again!

12. You see an incredible little peanut on the ultrasound screen.

photo (2)

Making his or her grand entrance June 2015!

photo (3)

At this point, this little guy is pretty indifferent about his promotion. His only concern is when his mommy is going to stop feeling so sick! 

How did YOU first know you were pregnant? What was the toughest part of the first trimester? 

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