Letter To My Son On His Second Birthday

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one mom's letter to her son on his second birthdayDear Luke,

Today, as we celebrate you turning two years old, I find myself just wanting to celebrate you.

Let me explain: Lately I’ve been reflecting on the fascinating way my love for you as shifted over time. When you were first born—in those initial first weeks of helplessness and those speedy first months of development—my love for you was incredibly instinctual. It was a powerful maternal connection.  

I loved you because you were my baby. Or, more accurately, because you were my baby.


Now you’re two, and it’s occurred to me that my love for you actually goes far beyond your connection to me.

I realize it when you make crystal clear requests for what you want for breakfast. (“Cereal. Berries. More Milk.”)

I notice it when you direct a group game of catch. (“Daddy throw Mommy. Mommy throw Luke. Luke throw Daddy.” Obviously we’re still working on prepositions.)

It’s plainly apparent when you toss the clothes I picked out for you and choose new ones you like better. (Current favorites are t-shirts featuring choo-choo trains or monkeys, and socks covered in footballs or basketballs.)

Letter To My Son On HIs Second Birthday

At two years old, you are separate from me. You are your own unique individual, and—here’s the kicker—you’re awesome.  

As you’ve grown more independent and your specific personality has emerged stronger and stronger, I find myself marveling at how incredible of a person you are. I’ll never know if it’s true or not, but I believe that even if you weren’t my kid I’d still want to play hide-and-seek with you, sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame with you—just hang out with you! You’re that much fun to be around.

letter to my son on his second birthday

 My love for you today is based strongly on who you are as your own person—rather than on the simple fact that you’re my son.

The coolest part about that phenomenon? The realization that it’s only going to keep growing.

As you continue to grow and develop, so will the way I love you. As your likes and dislikes become more nuanced—as you face successes, challenges, and disappointments in life—my heart will expand to new places, too.

And then one day I will wake up and you will be an adult, one that I hope to love not only as a son, but also as a friend.

letter to my son on his second birthday

So I guess my message to you on your second birthday is simply this: You are awesome. Your boundless energy, your sweet demeanor, your creative spirit—it all comes together to make you a truly remarkable little human being.  

I feel privileged to be your mama. From a parent’s perspective, it doesn’t get any cooler than that.

As you journey into the next year—which I’m sure will be the tremendous twos, with some terrible thrown in for good measure—I’m filled with anticipation to watch you become more and more uniquely you. My heart will be right there, growing alongside you, my love spreading to cover every new inch of you.

I love you, my awesome son.

letter to my son on his second birthday Have you ever written your child a letter?