12 Thoughts You Have When You Learn You’re Pregnant with Baby #2

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12 Thoughts You Have When You Learn You're Pregnant with Baby #2 - WITH BORDERAs the saying goes, no two pregnancies are alike. 

What’s equally true is that the way we think about separate pregnancies is also vastly different. At least for me, the internal chatter that constantly runs through my mind has changed dramatically from the first time I was expecting.

This was the case from the very beginning, the moment I first saw those two blue lines.

With pregnancy #1, my first thoughts (well, besides my panicky rumination on the fact that I had accidentally already indulged in a glass or two of wine while pregnant) revolved around the sweet smell of a newborn, itty bitty baby clothes, and decorating a nursery.

This time around? My initial thoughts had quite a different tone.

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12 Thoughts You Have When You Learn You’re Pregnant with Baby #2 

1. How the heck am I going to do the whole pregnancy/newborn thing with a crazy, energetic, and strong-willed toddler running around???

2. Uh-oh, I sort of forgot how much labor freakin’ hurts…

3. I may have given up caffeine completely with my first, but there is no way I can do that now! (Thankfully, caffeine during pregnancy really is OK in small amounts.)

4. Do you think I can get away without buying a single new piece of over-priced baby gear

5. What are my boobs going to look like after another round of engorgement/latches of steel/constant leaking?

6. More diapers? Another kid in child care? A second college fund? I better start saving dough now!

7. Speaking of diapers, how fast can I potty train my toddler?

8. I am not taking so many belly pictures this time around! 

9. How is my oldest child going to adjust to such a major change?

10. There’s a teeny tiny part of me that’s sad about losing the close little family I currently have.

11. But there’s a much bigger part of me that can’t wait for our family to feel more complete with the arrival of this little one!

12. Bring it on, pregnancy. I GOT THIS!

What was your first reaction when you learned you were pregnant—with #1, #2, or #19 (if Michelle Duggar is reading this!)?

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