A Week of One-Line Prayers

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a week's worth of one-line prayersOn most days, prayer is a pretty regular part of my life.

I pray first thing in the morning. I pray with my son before meals and bedtime. I pray with my fellow church-goers on Sunday mornings. I pray while I’m driving in my car.

Sometimes those prayers are coherent thoughts; sometimes they’re long ramblings.

Sometimes they’re recited.

And sometimes they’re no more than a single sentence, spoken or thought in the midst of a moment.

Over the course of the past week, I’ve prayed each of these one-liners.

30 One-Line Prayers I’ve Said Over the Past Week

Dear God…

Give me grace.

I’m choosing your ways over my own, even though I don’t really feel like it.

Open my eyes to the bigger picture here.

Let me see you; let me feel you.

Grant me patience with my overtired toddler.

Help me to rise above my circumstances.

Give me your kind of spring makeover.

If it is your will, let the diaper hold.

Thank you for never failing me.

Help me remember that doing what you love sometimes means doing what you don’t.

I believe in you.

Teach me how to parent the way you want me to.

It isn’t easy for me, but I trust you.

Help me to prioritize this two-page to-do list.

Thank you for my incredible family.

Light in me a passion for helping those less fortunate.

Please be near to my son every day of his life.

Teach me to slow down and savor my many blessings.

Thank you for sunshine!

I’m sorry for judging that other mom.

You’re in control, and I acknowledge that.

Let me be open to the lessons my child can teach me.

Thank you for being a God of love—thank you for being love itself.

Let me give to others freely, compassionately, and without judgment.

Forgive me for putting myself first today.

Open my eyes to goodness even in the face of tragedy.

I love you.

Give me the courage to say “no” when I need to, even though it might result in a disgruntled friend or a toddler tantrum.

Show me how to love other people like you love them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for my beautiful little boy.

God doesn’t ask us for five-paragraph essays or ten-page research papers. Sometimes all we need to pray is a single line. Tweet this!

What one-line prayer have you recently prayed? 

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