25 Things To Do Today Instead of Housework

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25 Things To Do Today Instead of HouseworkI’m usually not one for silly, made-up holidays, but today is a special one that I can certainly get into.

Yep, it’s National No Housework Day.

I’m commemorating the day by laughing at the dishes piling up in the sink and cheerfully ignoring the laundry sitting unfolded in the basket.

Want to join in the celebration?

Here are some ideas for how to spend the precious time you’ll save by not engaging in a single chore today.

25 Things To Do Today Instead of Housework

1. Read a book with your kids.

2. Go shopping for new spring clothes.

3. Reorganize all of your boards on Pinterest.

4. Have some spicy time with your partner.

5. Watch Frozen…again.

6. Get some exercise.

7. Do a good deed.

8. Flip through the latest issue of Real Simple or some other magazine.

9. Help your kid with his math homework.

10. Take a stroll around the block.

11. Take a nap.

12. Read the Bible or another inspiring text.

13. Email your college roommate out of the blue.

14. Play fetch with your dog or pet your cat.

15. Write in your journal.

16. Pop by and say hello to your neighbor.

17. Catch up on your work emails.

18. Bake something just for fun.

19. Be lazy.

20. Be crafty.

21. Write a thank you note.

22. Catch up on reading blogs.

23. Browse an Etsy shop.

24. Have dessert and slowly savor every bite of it.

25. Call your mom.ย ย 

How will you be celebrating National No Housework Day?ย 

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