30 Years, 30 (One-Line) Life Lessons

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30 One-Line Life Lessons to Inspire YouThis weekend I turn the big 3-0.

Truthfully, I’m a little ambivalent about the milestone. I feel neither elated nor appalled that I’ve reached this age. The time hasn’t flown by, but it also hasn’t dragged on and on. I haven’t had any major revelations or light bulb moments, but I also haven’t had any big regrets.

Turning 30 just feels…fine. That’s a good thing, I think!

I do feel the need to document the landmark birthday by reflecting on the lessons I’ve learned—and let’s be honest, am still learning—over these past 30 years of life.

And in true Pick Any Two style, the lessons are all bite-sized, so you can get your dose of inspiration and get back to being your awesome self.

30 (One-Line) Life Lessons—In Honor of Turning 30

1. Not talking about a problem doesn’t solve it.

2. You can never be too well read.

3. If you don’t know already, it’s time to learn how to accept a compliment

4. The fear of something is almost always worse than the thing itself.

5. Love is an action verb; go do it.

6. You’ve never blown it.

7. Forget about keeping up with the Joneses—just let them win and you’ll be happier for it.

8. Your past isn’t a prescription for your future. 

9. Control is an illusion, but an oh-so-tempting one.

10. Your mornings set the tone for the rest of your day, so spend them wisely.

11. Let people help you.

12. The two best indicators of what’s really important to you are how you spend your time and how you spend your money.

13. This too shall pass.

14. Doing what you love sometimes means doing what you don’t

15. You’ll always feel better after a 10-minute walk.

16. Some things are best done slowly, like sipping tea, savoring a piece of dark chocolate, and kissing.

17. You can see God in everyone if you look for him.

18. Some days you just gotta embrace laziness.

19. The constant critic in your head is a big, fat liar. 

20. Don’t wait for happiness to come when your circumstances change; a happy life begins now.

21. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you aren’t still hurt.

22. You can be more attractive in two seconds flat simply by smiling and straightening your posture.

23. The people who are toughest to be kind to are the ones who need your kindness the most.

24. Being busier than other people doesn’t make you better than them.

25. “Pray about it” is almost always the solution you’re seeking.

26. Compassion means giving freely and without judgment.

27. A few bites of the good stuff is better than a whole pan of an imitation.

28. What looks like luck is usually a lot of hard work meeting opportunity.

29. Sometimes freaking out is a necessary part of getting where you need to go.

And finally, perhaps the most challenging lesson for me…

30. It’s often better to be kind than right.

Which of these lessons stands out to you the most? Share one of your one-line life lessons, too!

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