5 Easy Ways For Moms To Be More Active

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5 Easy Ways for Moms to be More ActiveAfter a long day of working and child-raising—writing an article here, wiping a runny nose there—the last thing I want to hear is that moms in my generation aren’t doing enough.

So I wasn’t too pleased to read about new research from the University of South Carolina showing that moms today are less physically active than moms in the 1960s. 

The study found that moms today spend significantly less time on active tasks like cooking and cleaning and more time on sedentary activities like TV watching and Internet browsing.

Comeback Momma is an awesome blog inspiring moms who have experienced setbacks and struggles in their quest for health and wellbeing. I’m honored to be guest posting there, sharing 5 easy ways for today’s moms to be more active and less sedentary.

My goal with the post? To help those of us who can’t make major life overhauls, but can make simple tweaks in the name of being healthier. Check it out and share your thoughts!