The 6 Christmas Gifts My Toddler is Still Obsessed With

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Christmas Gifts My Toddler is Still Obsessed WithThe average toddler attention span is, what, five minutes? Ten if you’re lucky?

That was one of the reasons we instated the Four Gift Rule last December—which was only moderately successful, because while my son Luke didn’t get as many gifts from me, he still got plenty of presents from family and friends (every one of which we greatly appreciated!).

Naturally I assumed he would play with his gifts for a few weeks, maybe a month. And for the most part that’s what happened.

But there were a few toys that, almost five months later, are still favorites that get played with on a daily basis. Here they are.

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 1. My First Marble Run

The My First Marble Run toy was an instant hit, and has remained one.

My First Marble Run

My son’s game used to be to send one ball through the track and watch it, mesmerized, all the way to the end. These days the game has evolved a bit—yesterday Luke gathered every small ball in the house (ping pong balls, cat toys, etc.) and sent them all down the track at the same time. I think I was as amused as he was!

My First Marble Run Luke

2. Little People

Little People toys are so great for pretend play. This Christmas my toddler received both the Little People Race Track and the Little People Learning Zoo, and he’s spent countless hours racing cars and mimicking animal sounds. He especially loves filling the cars up with gas.

 3. Basketball Hoop

My 21-month-old is obsessed with all things sports. If there is a ball in the room he will automatically make a beeline for it, and he is known for repeating the word “football” over and over again while making a quarterback motion.

Not surprisingly, then, he has loved the Fisher Price toddler basketball hoop he got for Christmas.


Toddler Basketball Hoop

4. 5-in-1 Sports Zone

Along the same lines, Luke also received the Bright Starts 5-in-1 Sports Zone, which—between basketball, soccer, golf, baseball, and hockey—keeps him busy all day long. The best part is that now, with the warmer weather, we can take the various equipment outside.

Bright Starts 5-in-1 Sports Zone

 5. Homemade Bench

This gift will forever be a favorite.


It was made for Luke by his loving Aunt Hannah, and he was obsessed with it on Christmas Day—sitting on it, standing on it, what have you. These days he stands on it while bushing his teeth, and I think it’s the main reason (scratch that, only reason) he willingly scrubs those pearly whites. Aunt Hannah has since passed away from the terrible disease of drug addiction, so this bench will always have a special place in our hearts.

6. Blocks

Building (and knocking down) towers is where it’s at right now.



Luke has his choice of classic Mega Bloks or wooden blocks, and he loves both!

wooden blocks

What holiday gift is your child still obsessed with, even all these months later? Or, what gift are YOU still obsessed with?