6 Things I Really DON’T Want for Mother’s Day

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6 Things I Really Don't Want for Mother's DayLet me start by saying this: If someone is so thoughtful as to give me a gift, I am always a grateful recipient.

Well, almost always.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, everywhere I look I’m seeing suggestions for the perfect present for mom—flowers and jewelry and keepsakes to last a lifetime.

Or something like that.

Almost anything my son (or, more accurately, my husband—my son’s only 20 months old!) gets me for Mother’s Day will be most appreciated…so long as it isn’t one of these six things.

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1. Anything expensive

We’re keeping a close eye on our budget these days, and I can’t think of a single present that would be worth breaking the bank right now.

2. Knick knacks

Considering that we moved into our house three years ago and I still have a bunch of knick knacks packed away in boxes, I really don’t think I need any more.

3. Anything that says “World’s Best Mom”

Not that it’s a competition, but I am decidedly not the world’s best mom, a fact that is glaringly apparently now that my toddler has started throwing mini-tantrums, and I’m struggling day by day to maintain my cool.

4. An early morning celebration

Granted, I’m totally a morning person, but when I’m getting up at the crack of dawn I want it to be quiet and peaceful, words that are pretty much meaningless to my boy. So any pancake breakfasts will be better appreciated at a later hour.

5. A $5.99 greeting card

I love a good card—indeed, my sisters-in-law recently gave me one that left me in a puddle of tears on the floor—but in general I find them ridiculously overpriced. See point #1.

6. Chocolate.

It’s not too often that I turn down chocolate, but my house is still overloaded with Easter candy from not one but two baskets for my son (spoiled little guy). There’s only so much candy a 20-month-old can handle, so of course I’ve been helping him out!

What do you NOT want for Mother’s Day this year?