The Best Advice I Received for Baby’s First Year

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The Secret to Surviving Your First Year as a MomThe minute you announce your pregnancy, you will inevitably be bombarded with “helpful” tips, suggestions, and advice on how to manage life with an infant.

It will all be well-intentioned, but it won’t all be useful.

There is, however, one piece of advice I received that genuinely made my situation as a brand spankin’ new mom much easier.

I don’t remember who gave me this wisdom, or if I read it in a book or a magazine. It’s hard to remember details like that in a sleep-deprived fog.

What I do remember is that this simple phrase got me through countless troubles and worries throughout my son’s first year of life.

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The absolute best piece of advice I received for baby’s first year? It was this:

Everything is a phase.  Tweet this!

Simple, right? But also incredibly powerful and applicable to almost every situation we faced.

Some examples:

  • The breastfeeding issues we faced due to an overactive letdown? Seemed like the end of the world and resulted in floods of tears. Turned out to be a three-week phase.
  • The sleep regression we faced around baby’s five month birthday? The one that made us feel more like zombies than we ever did in the first few weeks? Over in two weeks.
  • That super fussy period, during which my little boy allowed few people other than me to hold him, and even then it had to be while bouncing on an exercise ball? It wasn’t long before he totally grew out of it.
  • Those first few months as a new working mom, and the flurry of anger and exhaustion and relief that came with it? We got through that too.

No matter what issue we faced during those first twelve months, it was a million times more manageable when we realized it was only a matter of time before that issue was over and done with (and we were on to the next one!).

Everything is a phase. This too shall pass.

Of course, the wisdom in this advice applies to the good stuff as much as the challenges.

Napping on my chest? Now he’s much more comfortable snoozing in his crib. That adorable monkey-crawl move? We’re lucky we got it on video because he’s way past that now.

For me, the key to that precious but demanding first year is simply to remember that everything is a phase. Just when you’re at your wit’s end, the struggle will be over. But at the same time, you’ll blink and that sweet baby will be a toddler (hopefully equally sweet!).

What’s the best or worst advice you received for baby’s first year?

What was one phase your little one went through that seemed terrible at the time but, looking back, turned out to be no big deal?