Feel Good Friday: Beware the Busy Life

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Beware the barrenness of a  busy life. “Beware the barrenness of a busy life.”

Most people interpret this Socrates quote to mean something along the lines of “stop and smell the roses.” Which is a nice idea and an important reminder for those of us who haven’t slowed down since leaving labor and delivery.

And yet I think it’s more than that. I keep finding myself returning to the word “barrenness” over and over.

With that word, the warning becomes directed at those of us who create—whether we be creators of blogs, books, paintings, dinners, spreadsheets, goodie bags, or all of the above.

The overcrowded calendar and the overflowing to do list don’t just inhibit our ability to appreciate life; they also stifle our creativity.

Our words don’t pack the same punch because we’re rushing to write them.

Our plates are drab and unappetizing because we’re too tired to try a new recipe.

Our ideas aren’t as crisp because we don’t have the mental space to expand them.

This weekend, let’s all slow down—not just to smell the roses, but also to allow our creative juices to start flowing freely again.

Do you feel less creative when you’re super busy? 

image via Simon Forsyth