Does Your Doctor Make You Feel Guilty?

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Does Your Doctor Make You Feel GuiltyMy toddler is beginning to test the waters of his independence, and subsequently I’ve been reading up on the most effective discipline techniques for the under-two population.

A common theme is to label the behavior as negative but not the child.

It’s the difference between saying, “Throwing  food on the floor is bad!” versus “You’re a bad boy!” The first focuses on the undesirable action without negatively labeling my son as a person.

Turns out that technique is as effective with a patient as it is with my toddler.

Research from the University of California, San Diego has found that leaving the doctor’s office feeling guilty and ashamed is incredibly common. A 2009 survey found that over 50 percent of people have experienced shame based on a conversation with their doctor.

Today I’m over at No Sweat discussing this phenomenon and brainstorming ways to ensure you leave the doctor feeling good instead of guilty. Check it out!

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