I’m In So Much Trouble With My Toddler When…

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I'm in so much trouble with my toddler when…I’m In So Much Trouble With My Toddler When…

1. He learns to spell.

2. He finds out broccoli isn’t actually dinosaur food.

3. He discovers we don’t really need to leave play dates to “check on our cats.”

4. Washing hands just like Mommy and brushing teeth just like Daddy loses its appeal.

5. He finds out “sweep the sidewalk” is a chore, not a game.

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6. He realizes kisses from Mommy don’t actually heal boo-boos.

7. We lose his lovey…(I should probably go ahead and get a back-up now!)

8. He figures out I regularly skip pages 10-14. Shhhhhhhhh…

When are you in big trouble with your kid?