Indoor Sensory Play for Cold, Snowy, or Rainy Days

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Indoor Sensory Play for Cold, Snowy, or Rainy DaysHere’s hoping this season’s snow storms are behind us (fingers crossed!), but the coming of spring means some rainy days are undoubtedly up ahead.

When the weather is nice and you can head outdoors, it’s relatively easy to keep your little one entertained. But when you’re stuck inside for days (or weeks…) at a time due to frigid temps, snowstorms, or torrential downpours, a mom needs a couple of easy tricks up her sleeve to keep her tot’s attention!

Today I’m pleased to welcome Monica Dubsky from Mama Bee Simple to share one such trick with us for indoor sensory play.

Simple Indoor Sensory Play Idea

At this time of year it can get pretty boring having to stay indoors while there’s a heavy storm outside! For little ones it’s probably even more boring than you thought.

In my experience children constantly want to touch things they shouldn’t—from a remote control to the plug sockets to dirty nappies! It can at times be a vicious circle; it’s not fun saying no all day, is it?

Today was one of those days for us. The temper tantrums had started, as if to say his toys weren’t good enough. What to do? Same old toys? Same old books?

For something different, I thought I’d search my cupboards and see what I could do for Leon. Basmati rice—perfect! It’s cheap, always in the cupboard, pourable, and has texture. Best part? Takes 5 minutes to prepare!

Indoor Sensory Play Idea

Baking tin & plenty of colourful scoop objects

Indoor Sensory Play Idea

Silicone cupcake tray

Indoor Sensory Play

“Look at me!”

Indoor Sensory Play

Indoor Sensory Play“All done, tidy up time!”

This activity lasted for nearly two hours, which was perfect for Leon! He loved scooping and pouring and touching the rice. He even loved cleaning up after himself!

Not only is this activity easy to prepare since you likely already have rice in your pantry, but it’s also educational and a great quiet time activity too!

What’s your favorite activity to keep your kiddos occupied during ugly weather? 

This post originally appeared on Mama Bee Simple.

Monica Dubsky

Monica Dubsky started Mama Bee Simple to share her ideas and lifestyle as a stay-at-home mum. She’s passionate about sharing healthy food ideas for your family and creative ideas for little ones! Follow her to learn more:

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