My New Favorite Way to Unwind

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Thank you to Turkey Hill Dairy for sponsoring this conversation. All opinions (and enthusiasm for dairy desserts!) are entirely my own.

My New Favorite Way to Unwind with Turkey Hill All Natural Gelato

I recently asked followers on my Facebook page what calls their name at the end of a long day.

Some said a bubble bath. Some said a bowl of popcorn and an hour of Netflix.

Many said wine (no surprise there!).

Still others said that when they need to relax, they like to do so while indulging their sweet tooth. I can certainly relate!

My usual routine is to put my toddler to bed, then creep back downstairs for a touch of dessert to enjoy while flipping through a magazine or just lounging on the couch. I savor every bite while I let go of the day’s stresses and prepare for the inevitable chaos tomorrow will bring.

Some nights, any old dessert will do, but truthfully, my preference is for something that feels a bit more…special. Gourmet. Indulgent.

That’s why I’m thrilled to have discovered Turkey Hill All Natural Gelato.

Turkey Hill All Natural Gelato - 3 Flavors Stacked

Turkey Hill Dairy is the first major ice cream brand to offer an all natural gelato. It’s perfect for those of us who like to unwind with a slightly grander dessert, if you will.

I picked up three kinds to try: Peach Mango, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Sea Salted Caramel.

Turkey Hill All Natural Gelato Sea Salted Caramel

Then I helped myself to a reasonable portion of both Chocolate Peanut Butter and Sea Salted Caramel (also known as Heaven on Earth!). Because Turkey Hill’s All Natural Gelato has less air than most ice cream, it has a denser, richer texture—exactly what this eight-months-pregnant-mama is looking for after an exhausting day of working and chasing a 2-year-old around.

Turkey Hill All Natural Gelato Bowl

There are currently eight delicious flavors available. Next up on my list to try? The Coffee Chip, Hazelnut, and Mint Chocolate Chip.

Take that, pregnancy cravings! (Can you tell I’m balancing the bowl on my baby bump?)

Katie with Turkey Hill All Natural Gelato

The other bonus? Turkey Hill All Natural Gelato is made with simple ingredients—you know, stuff like milk, cream, sugar, and vanilla. In other words, all things our grandmothers would recognize as real food! Because indulging and unwinding doesn’t have to mean putting junk into our bodies.

That also means we can feel comfortable and confident sharing it with our kiddos.

Luke with Turkey Hill All Natural Gelato 1

My son obviously approves!

Luke with Turkey Hill All Natural Gelato 2

Of course, you don’t have to share. On days your little ones totally wore you out with their ceaseless stream of kid energy, that bowl of all natural gelato is all for YOU! Go ahead and indulge!

Ready to pick up a carton? Turkey Hill All Natural Gelato is available at select retailers wherever Turkey Hill products are sold.

And be sure to follow Turkey Hill on Facebook and Twitter for updates and special offers!

How do YOU unwind at the end of a long day? Would you like to try Turkey Hill All Natural Gelato?