An Open Letter to Laziness

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lazinessDear Laziness,

Long time, no see!

It must seem odd to hear from me out of the blue, considering that we barely crossed paths at all from, oh, 2003 to 2013.

The truth is that I spent the past decade purposefully steering clear of you. You were like turning down chocolate or waking a sleeping baby—a situation to be avoided at all costs.

It’s because I thrived off of productivity, or at least I thought I did. Doing, doing, doing. Going, going, going.

No one could ever accuse me of mingling with you, Laziness, which was exactly how I liked it. I resisted your siren calls, your temptations of couches and trashy novels and 30 Rock on Netflix. I refused to be branded, God forbid, a couch potato. The Energizer Bunny was more my style.

It got bad when I got a smartphone. Now even spare minutes here or there became opportunities to send a few work emails or update my to-do list.

It got worse when I had a baby. The exhaustion of caring for an infant practically necessitates regular dates with you, Laziness, and yet—like many moms—I continued to give you the cold shoulder.

Want to see productivity at its best? Watch me the millisecond my now-toddler goes down for a nap.

I fly into action faster than a superhero flies toward a pretty blonde in need of rescue. I make the most of every moment of my little guy’s shut-eye.

That is, except last weekend.

You see, my son’s head hit the sheets and I suddenly felt like I missed you, Laziness. I tried to sit down at my computer and work, I really did, but your call was just too strong.

At the urging of my husband—ever the wise one—I gave myself permission to spend just one nap time with you. It wasn’t just the two of us, of course. I invited my couch, a stack of magazines, and Liz Lemon along too.

I was no more than a lump on a log, and it was glorious.

The best and most surprising part? I easily woke up early the next day and finished a ton of work before the sun was up. Despite my fears, my date with you didn’t actually hurt my productivity at all; indeed, the quality time spent doing “nothing” made me feel stronger, calmer, perhaps even better able to handle my responsibilities and commitments.

Let this be a lesson to me, Laziness, and to all the other moms who cringe at the sound of your name.

In small doses, you are not evil, not even harmful. Rest assured, we can embrace you every now and then with no ill effects on our children or ourselves. A date with you, Laziness, is probably just what we all need.

What’s your favorite way to be lazy?

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