Do It For the Girls: Sign the Truth in Advertising Petition

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You Know It's PhotoshopThere’s been enough talk about Photoshopped images in advertising that nowadays most of us women know a digitally altered image when we see one.

That’s not to say it doesn’t make us feel bad about ourselves, but at least we realize that the images of perfect bodies we’re bombarded with day after day are unrealistic.

Not so for young girls.

According to Adios Barbie, 69% of elementary school girls say magazine images influence their concept of ideal body shape.

We’re talking girls under the age of 11. That is not OK.

That’s why I’m signing the petition for Congress to pass the Truth in Advertising Act. The act would require a label on any advertising that digitally alters the human body—including shape, size, proportion, and skin color—indicating that the image has been manipulated as such.

It’s like a warning label for Photoshopped ads.

Now let me say this: I am not inherently against photo editing. In fact I like to spruce things up myself on my own pictures—a little brighter here, a little sharper there. My touch-ups are dramatically different than knocking off ten pounds or completely changing skin color, of course, but they are nevertheless alterations.

So I think it’s important to remember that this act doesn’t prohibit Photoshopping, it just strives to make consumers more aware of it. It holds companies accountable for their digital manipulations. 

My hope is that young girls who see the label will come to realize what most of us adult women already have—that those perfect bodies we always see in ads aren’t so perfect in real life. And that our own bodies are perfect just the way they are.

What do you think of the Truth in Advertising Act? Do you think it will help improve young girls’ body images? 

You can sign the petition here!