The 10 Holy Commandments of Pregnancy

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The 10 Commandments of Pregnancy

The 10 Holy Commandments of Pregnancy

1. You shall not apologize when a random smell makes you puke or a single flight of stairs leaves you exhausted.

2. You shall read enough about pregnancy and labor to be informed, but not so much that you drive yourself crazy.

3. You shall savor those first baby flutters, like a special secret between you and your little one growing inside. 

4. You shall choose a name that you and your partner love—because that’s all that matters—and not worry about everyone else’s opinion. 

5. You shall not compare your weight gain to anyone else’s because every body and every pregnancy is different.

6. You shall always know the location of the nearest bathroom.

7. You shall recognize that the need to “eat for two” is a myth, but pregnancy cravings are not—and indulge accordingly.

8. You shall respond “yes” when someone asks to hold the door, pick up that box, or give up their seat for you.

9. You shall not refer to yourself as a cow, elephant, or any other large animal that a pregnant woman most certainly does not resemble.

10. You shall relish the fact that your body is spending nine months performing nothing short of a miracle.

Did you obey all 10 of these commandments while pregnant?