Work Before Play…Doesn’t Always Work With Kids

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Work Before PlayI’ve always been a “work before play” kinda gal.

No procrastination for me. I hate having deadlines looming over my head; I feel like I can’t truly relax when I know a pile of work still awaits me.

I was the 8th grader who did her homework right after school, because why wait? I was the college student who rushed to finish my paper the Saturday afternoon before the party…not the Sunday afternoon after.

In general the “work before play” philosophy has served me well—I’ve always stayed on top of my workload, never missed a serious deadline.

That is, until my little boy came along.

You see, he doesn’t care that I didn’t finish writing my article, he’s awake from his nap now and demands my undivided attention.

To him it doesn’t matter that the dryer just beeped and that if we don’t fold the clothes now our outfits will be wrinkled for weeks. Wrinkles, shminkles, it’s time to PLAY!

Of course I need to teach my son that sometimes an important task or chore must come before Mega Bloks and coloring books.

But he’s also teaching me that sometimes play should come before work—that it’s critical I be present for my child even if there’s a deadline looming over my head. Tweet this!

There will always be more time for work and chores, not so with a little one.

Are you a “work before play” kind of person? How has having children affected that?